Mission Statement

We at Behaviour Saviours pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards in clinical integrity. We design our treatments to help each individual with customized treatment plans with quality ABA therapy. We understant that families with diagnosed disabilities and developmental disorders need the biggest help thats why we don't shy away from a challenge.

We strive to:

  • Promote clinical integrity and deliver exceptional customer service

  • customize our care with clinical outcomes

  • uphold the highest of ethical standards, empathy, and respect

Our clients are treated like family from day one. We do what we do as a passion, not as a business.

Throughout the course of ABA therapy our team works with children to build critical developmental skills, such as communication, behavior, cognition, social skills, play skills, and to reduce challenging behaviors. To meet the needs of children and their families, Behavio provides services in multiple settings, including in the client’s home, daycare and school.