Our Team

Our skilled therapy team is composed of accomplished pediatric experts, each holding specialized training in the domain of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA). United by a singular mission, our team is dedicated to nurturing your child's development of essential functional skills to pave the way for lifelong success.

In addition to offering personalized therapy sessions, our therapists come well-prepared with all required materials, ensuring a therapy experience that is engaging, enjoyable, and ultimately, successful for your child.

A cornerstone of our treatment methodology is fostering an active collaboration with parents throughout the course of the program. We firmly believe in the power of continuous and open communication between parents and therapists as a means to closely monitor progress and secure optimal outcomes for the child. We understand that your involvement as a parent is critical in reinforcing the therapy outside of our sessions and establishing continuity in the child's development.

At our ABA Therapy clinic, we work in unison towards a shared goal: to deliver exceptional therapy that supports your child's growth, learning, and success in every aspect of their lives.

For further information please contact us at  1-888-284-6877, or email 'info@behavioursaviours.com'