Behavioural Assessment

Initial Behavioural Assessment 

Our initial assessment service plays a crucial role in tailoring an effective ABA Therapy plan for your child. This comprehensive evaluation includes assessment questionnaires for the parent or caregiver, in conjunction with a focused 1:1 assessment of the child. This procedure helps us gain a holistic understanding of the child's needs, strengths, and areas that may require more focused intervention.

The duration of these initial assessments ranges from 45 to 90 minutes, offering us ample time to thoroughly evaluate the child's unique needs and abilities. However, please note that the actual length of the assessment may vary depending on the individual requirements and the pace most comfortable for your child.

The information gathered during this assessment will be instrumental in developing a customized therapy plan that targets your child's specific needs and aligns with our goal of enhancing their functional skills and improving their overall quality of life. We encourage open communication throughout this process, as your insights and ongoing involvement are vital to your child's progress and success in our ABA Therapy program.